Flipbooks of a number of back issues of The Seventh Quarry Magazine

In association with Cambria Publishing
flipbooks of a number of back issues of The Seventh Quarry Magazine

These, and forthcoming ones up to the February 2023 issue, are free to access. You will have to provide your name and email address after the introductory pages of an issue to view the whole issue and, if you wish, to download a copy. From July 2023, a subscription to a revamped version of the magazine will also give access to flipbooks of the two issues each year.

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BACK ISSUES (20 to 30):

ISSUE 20:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/a47779d0f7.html

ISSUE 21:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/a6d73ab95f.html

ISSUE 22:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/d6fddaf091.html

ISSUE 23:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/cc0f907d40.html

ISSUE 24:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/714a74200e.html

ISSUE 25:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/6c15d999df.html

ISSUE 26:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/e3a7621c24.html

ISSUE 27:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/5a2db6dfe9.html

ISSUE 28:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/f8e0b59800.html

ISSUE 29:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/af0b4d0fee.html

ISSUE 30:  https://cambriabooks.aflip.in/644323a54a.html