Poet of the Month

2021: Poets featured as Poet of the Month 

January: Rebecca Lowe (Wales).
February: Jim Gronvold (USA). 
March: Carolyn Mary Kleefeld (USA).
April: Tozan Alkan (Turkey).
May: Byron Beynon (Wales).
June: Michelle Chung (USA). 
July: Jim Gwyn (USA).
August: Jonathan Taylor (England).
September: Beata Poźniak (USA).
October: Maria Taylor (England).
November: Stanley H. Barkan (USA).
December: John Dotson (USA).

2022: Poets featured as Poet of the Month 

January: Maria Mastrioti (Greece).
February: Gayl Teller (USA).
March: Mike Jenkins (Wales).
April: Cassian Maria Spiridon (Romania).
May: Simon Fletcher (England)
June: Sultan Catto (USA)
July: Vojislav Deric (Australia)
August: K. S. Moore (Ireland)
September: Kristine Doll (USA)
October: Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan (USA)
November: Christopher Norris (Wales)
December: Maria Mazziotti Gillan (USA)

2023: Poets featured as Poet of the Month 
January: Samuel Ezra (Wales)
February: Tôpher Mills (Wales)
March: Rob Cullen (Wales)
April: Mandira Ghosh (India)
May: John Greening (England)
June: Rosy Wood-Bevan (Wales)
July: David Hughes (Wales)
August: Peter Fulton (USA)

 Tiger Windwalker (c) 2023 Tiger Windwalker

Tiger Windwalker is a highly spirited lover of Life. He has a B.A from U.C. Berkeley, a standard secondary teaching credential, and a California contractors license. Tiger has over 50 years experience in construction and has initiated, managed and completed many projects. Tiger has taught adult education classes in Basic Home Repairs and Beginning and Intermediate Harmonica. He is a musician and artist and has self-published his book entitled, ‘Walk in Beauty-Journey of a Big Sur Mystic’. He also guides people on adventures into various pristine locations in the seven western states and Hawaii. You can find him on Facebook.


Song of Esalen

I am spirit,
I’m a place beyond the World;
Caught on the edge
Where crystal sand has been hurled.
I’m the restless sea.
I am the rocks above.
I am the butterflies
High on love.
I am steep, ragged cliffs
Falling into the sea..
I am sudsy foam
Crashing in on me.
I am passing whales
Who spout white water.
I am joyful treasures,
I am dolphin and otter.
I am hot pools and rock pools
Where I am cleansed of my worry.
I am slow walks and quiet talks.
I don’t have to hurry.
I am dark fertile earth.
I am gardens that grow.
I am dreamtime succulents
Who say that they Know.
I am green, spongy grass
Who says, “Come play with me.”
I am the salt in the air
Rising out of the sea.

I am raccoon,
Masked robber,
Who steals in the night
Along with my brothers,
We hug in delight.
I’m a clear, happy creek,
Over rocks tumbling down.
I flow by a building
Where silence goes round.
And way back beyond
I’m a canyon that goes deep.
In quiet solitude
I bathe in the creek.
I am giant redwoods
That long ago burned.
I made hollow cathedrals
Where people could learn.
I am tall reaching pines,
Home for butterfly dreams.
I am sky-diving hawks,
Feathers chasing their screams.
I am flowering vines,
Who climb over banks.
I am you passing by,
Our eyes touch in thanks.

I am Spirit
I am the rock that meets the sea.
I am Spirit.
I am all that can be.

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker


Alone in the mountains,
I am sitting in the edge
Of a back country lake,
Where glacial memory
Has turned the water
Sierra blue.
A huge, smooth boulder
Offers itself
As a platform before the water.
It is an opportunity emerging
(In the heat of the midday sun)
To take a wild leap
Of faith
From tock top
To lake bottom,
The thought of catching air,
Striking water,
And the enfolding coldness,
Brings you to mind,
My brother.

I wish you were here
To dare me,
To taunt me.
As you strip off your clothes
I am right behind you,
Then the warriors scream
As we leap,
Windmills of arms and legs,
Brothers of the sacred plunge,
Laughing like little boys again.

The wind gusts
And fills my lungs.
I am awakened
From my reverie.
You are not here
And I am only dreaming
Of you,
My brother.
But I know that soon
You will join me again
In adventure.

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker

Essence of Sandalwood

As I contemplate
What I am about to write,
I stop to notice the curling
Of the incense
Just lit.
In its every movement,
There is grace,
As if touched
By a whispered breeze
From most gentle
And elegant lips.
These caresses
Leave elastic reflections
And supple images,
In arching tumbles,
Plaintiff stretches,
And humble bends.
Divine Yoga!
Whose formulas,
Freed from regimen,
Cannot be known.
And in the lapse
Of an inquiring moment,
The beauty is already done.

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker

Healing History

Wounded tree
Broken limb
Knot encased
A memory
To him.

The living cambium
Keeps on growing

On the horizon
Of awareness
Is thorough going.

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker

Soup Kitchen

I’m looking for words.
Where are they hiding?
Words to match my feelings
And the truth I know
In my heart.
I’m grabbing for handles
On full pots of expression,
Just like serving food
At the “soup kitchen”.
The fragrances are rich.
Sustenance is at hand.
The line forms to the right.
And the broth just keeps coming.
I want to give it away.
It’s too hot to handle.
Here, you take a bowl
And let’s break bread

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker


within the trees trunk
deep inside
knots, splits & lightning strikes
a story they provide
not dissolved...these wounds
but encapsulated
over time
the tree stands proud
against all the vagaries of clime
and the wounds are part of it
outside and in
never a beggar
never cleaved by sin
the tree ever growing
in exactly the place it’s in
the roots go deeper
branchlets reach for the sky
some day a tree fallen over
. . .bleached skelington that lies
homes for mice and pecking birds
slowly dissolving
returning to the earth
one last hoorah
. . .the termites chewing mirth

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker


When My Yearning Comes Home

When my yearning comes home
I will put my hand 
On the still hot rubber
Of the tires which “hit the road”
And I will feel the heat of longing
Which has driven my journey
I will remember the turn of every wheel
Over every bump
Under every condition 
I will feel and know 
The determination
The implacable nerve
The rattling chassis 
The many empty gas tanks
And windshield wiper blades
Disintegrating in thunderstorms
And I will know the real energy 
That drove me
Which pulled me
Up hills and thru deserts
On and on and on
Till I have finally arrived...
When my yearning brings me home.

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker



reset to zero
ain't nothin
to fear. . .
it's the ground
of your being
where you finally 
see clear
and feel with a heart 
as big as the sun
compassion happens
when "self" disappears
and you are One
One with the needle
& One with the thread
sewing and weaving
a New Humanity

© 2023 Tiger Windwalker

  © 2023 Tiger Windwalker


© 2023 Tiger Windwalker