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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
(c) 2021 Carolyn Mary Kleefeld


Big Sur, California artist, poet, and prose-writer Carolyn Mary Kleefeld studied art and psychology at UCLA and is the author of twenty-one books. Her writing has been translated into over 15 languages and three of her books are available in bilingual and trilingual editions. Her books have been used at universities and healing centers internationally. Carolyn’s art appears worldwide in galleries, museums, and private collections. The Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum will open in Fall of 2021 at Cal State University Long Beach, and will house over 150 of Carolyn’s paintings and drawings, as well as her literary archives.  www.carolynmarykleefeld.com  www.alchemyoracle.com


Next Season’s Seed

The stark bones
of winter trees
stand gaunt against gray skies.

Branches that appear dead 
contain secret codes  
in quiet, curled wreathes,
their fragrance sealed, in wait.

And we,
with our souls seeking refuge
from the biting cold,
can only dream of spring.

Knowing within each moment
that we are granted,
pulses the core of
the season’s next seed.

Written Feb 2012, Copyright 2021 by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

The Ambrosia of Silence

I drink in the ambrosia of silence,
the elixir of peace,
letting my extraneous selves dissolve
into a lake of nothingness,
where life can transform,
liquefy, begin again.

Only the cadence of the tides
can be heard, communing
with the rhythms of my soul.

I imbibe the ambrosia of quiet,   
the elixir of peace.

The fields are plowed again
and the seeds of contemplation,
hitherto unseen,
rise to the surface, ready to manifest.

Ah, yes, somehow darkness breeds
the light necessary to decode
the invisible words of the Mystery,
and to be a trustworthy conduit
of its flowing force.        

Written August 2014, copyright 2021 by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld                


Voyage to the Underground

The leaves are quivering in the softest breeze, murmuring, gesturing in an unspoken language of my return to the music of a quieter dimension, to the subterranean harmony of all, to the core of my deeper self, the caves of primal yearning.  I rejoin that lost essence. And in finding it, re-discover myself.

I become more than ever after the voyage to the underground, where the deranged gods of wicked forces inhabited me without care. I return again with fresh brow and innocent heart in hope that the leaves will continue to breathe my name and quietly answer me. And I pray that this dark lord of the sun will be in eternal union with my raw soul, as the sea roars its lyrics upon the shores. 

Yet the Voice beyond, that offers me its fragrant, sublime breath, recognizes
only the emptiness of not knowing, of not grasping.

Written in 2001, Copyright 2021 by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld




             New World Emerges by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
(c) 2021 Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
  24" x 18" / Acrylic on HardBoard / 2020


  Croatian Temple by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
(c) 2021 Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
   18" x 24" / Acrylic on HardBoard / 2020


              Isis and Horus by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
(c) 2021 Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
 18" x 24" / On Board